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Deirdre:    deirdrebp{at} Fri Sep 10 11:15:07 2004
Wow, this is nice. I am still fairly new to Pennsic, where and who is this camp.  
lots of work, but it looks to be worth it!
Radha:    marie{at} Sun Sep 12 20:58:28 2004
This is Casa Bardici...we're down on the lake near Vlad's. We're all totally insane and build this every year....
Katerina Hereksdottir:    Wed Sep 15 05:28:42 2004
You guys must be totally insane. The Palacio is awesome, getting better every year. I know the work involved in putting this up and taking it all down again each year. Our period camp doesn't have near the complexity, and it seems to take all war to get it set up. You guys are gluttons for punishment. But your attention to detail is what makes the fantasy come alive! Thank you. You are great neighbors, even when you try to recruit labor. Is conscripted labor legal in the SCA???
Herald the Earnest:    ernestblake{at} Mon Oct 18 09:47:03 2004
Just the construction of this Musicians' Gallery shows the importance of Music to the Casa.
Doubtful:    Wed Jul 20 09:07:13 2005
It's amazing how much time and work some camps spend on really nice structures.  
Incredibe work here, hearty Vivat!
Avery the Farseeing:    Sat Aug 6 10:44:26 2005
Casa Bardici is the ultimate example to us all in what Pennsic and the SCA are about.
Avery the Farseeing:    Sat Aug 6 10:49:17 2005
Casa Bardici is the ultimate example to us all in what Pennsic and the SCA are about.

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