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Cowboy:    Tue Aug 31 21:38:34 2004
(or the Cock's Den, - depending on which night you're there...)
Roomie:    Fri Sep 3 15:44:00 2004
McKayne threw a great party in they're camp - LOL. :o)
Thorwulfgaer Uvearkaller:    Thorwulfgaer{at} Fri Sep 10 00:51:00 2004
aye both parties were a hoot,I may not be a member of this wonderful house,but I sure do feel like home when there.MAY THE DEN BE WITH US FER ALL THE LONG YEARS!!!!  
Senay:    amyraym{at} Wed Sep 15 17:42:48 2004
Hey, Cowboy! Thanks for helping to booze me up :P Wulf den rocks!
Devlin:    Sun Aug 7 17:04:01 2005
hidey ho neibors, we camp just behind them on the left. miss you all can't wait to see you when i finally get to war :(

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