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Maelinx:    Mon Aug 30 16:10:52 2004
Ah, the wonderous Pennsic mud!!
Mira:    jena2069{at} Tue Aug 31 08:26:22 2004
Although the wonderous mud of Pennsic decided to run in front of our gate, it still looks great! Oooowah Teaghlach!
Rhys:    ryskien{at} Sat Sep 4 11:18:42 2004
Hey, it's home!!!  
Though, usually I am stumbling in from the other direction, and it is darker, and the ground keeps moving.
Alex:    Mon Sep 6 11:43:38 2004
You guys had wonderful drumming at your party this year
Thorwulfgaer Uvearkaller:    Thorwulfgaer{at} Fri Sep 10 00:49:01 2004
aye wonderful drumming it was,best yet! keep it up.
MehnaofTeaghlach:    TyrsWench{at} Sat Jun 4 13:40:52 2005
We won't have this gate this year, but the drumming will still be on! Look for the same symbol on our new sheetwall in our new spot at Pennsic 34!!!

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