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Isabeau:    Tue Aug 31 14:29:33 2004
Wow. Can I move in with you?  
I'm AR, so I keep excellent house...
Katrina of Norseland:    Katrina10{at} Tue Sep 14 17:55:34 2004
I may be Pagan but I always make it a point to stop by and visit this beautiful chapel. Each year I am amazed at the work these people put out. Wonderful site. Wonderful people.
Helena:    Wed Jun 8 18:24:19 2005
Where is/was this chapel? Is it open to the populace?
Radha:    casabardicci{at} Wed Jun 15 06:17:17 2005
The chapel is a part of Casa Bardicci. We have an open house the Thursday of war week..come and visit us!

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