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Carolina de la Estrella:    Mon Aug 30 11:51:29 2004
Jon, master craftsman of Armlann...and swell neighbor! :-)
Jasmine:    and1{at} Mon Aug 30 21:28:15 2004
He looks bored out of his mind...
Paul Dupre:    souleyes1{at} Sat Sep 4 20:27:58 2004
Where can I order some shoes and boots like the ones on this page?
Carolina:    Sat Sep 25 09:36:52 2004
These fine shoes, and boots are available at  
You won't be disappointed!
Xorazne:    xorazne{at} Wed Sep 29 13:47:23 2004
Who made his tent? Spoked rounds are the new tent obsession-we have 2 wedges, a wall tent and a 16' round right now. There's just myself, my husband and when we can, our Jindo dog, Anya. :)
Jasmine:    and1{at} Sat Oct 16 16:02:24 2004
My dad can tell you who made it although I don't think the young lady is making them for sale anymore. I think Panther has a version of this tent that is for sale. Email my dad at and he can probably help you out.
Santiago:    santiago10{at} Mon Apr 11 12:53:38 2005
Panther does make the round in three styles.

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