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Ciarán mac Cionath:    silveroak2{at} Mon Aug 30 16:19:33 2004
Unfortunately, I do not know the name of the gentle on the viewer's left, but proceeding from there we have Felix and D'ner.
Jivete:    jivetedesaumur{at} Tue Aug 31 06:45:32 2004
That would be Victor.
Felix of Black Skull:    Tue Aug 31 10:37:15 2004
I think D'ner was holding me up at that point....
Dread the drummer boy:    Tue Aug 31 21:35:28 2004
That must of been one of Felix's nights off!!! How many of those did you have?
Shannon:    Shannonannkeenan{at} Thu Sep 2 11:57:54 2004
I am in love with the man in the middle. My dreams have been plagued by him for months. I know him outside of pennsic but his phone is turned off and he moved. If anyone knows how to contact him please help repair my bleeding heart tell him Rosebud seeks him
Felix:    Fri Sep 3 10:50:21 2004
*turning red*  
I remember this night somehow Mr Dread, and even though you cant see my drum, this was not a night off. I'm certain I only had one break from the parties this year, due to me combating the Brown Recluse spirits running through my arm. And now, back to haunting old friends' dreams..... :)
dakaria:    Thu Nov 18 11:07:09 2004
I too am taken with the man in the middle.I know him only from pennsic and he to knows me, no formal introduction only how we look at eachother.

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