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Kayleigh McWhyte:    Mon Aug 30 21:44:02 2004
The East Kingdom Royal Encampment - oddly unguarded once again...  
The windwall there has the following Arms on it, Left to Right: (Blue Tyger), Princess, Prince, Siege Team (black and red), Crown Province of Ostgardr (seahorse), An Dubhaigeainn (duck... my home barony), Settmour Swamp, and what looks like a part of Bergental.
Whtwulf:    Wed Sep 1 02:07:34 2004
Must be 1st day that it was up its WAY to clean.
Wulfric the Black:    Thu Sep 2 09:53:21 2004
It guards needed, all of VDK was camping there !!!!
Ryan McWhyte:    Fri Sep 3 13:44:10 2004
The "seige team" dear, is not a seige team at all... rather it's the arms of the "WHOOPASS Construction Company" the designers of the rebuilt East Kingdom gates from 3 pennsic's ago.

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