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Jericho the Red:    Fri Sep 3 18:24:23 2004
Now that's a woman who can teach people to dance!!!!  
Grace is thy middle name Samira
Micha von Wolgemut:    wolgemut{at} Sat Sep 4 07:29:33 2004
Here is a prime example of why we enjoy playing music, indeed one of the reasons why we are musicians... :.)  
Justin McGroyne:    justinmcgroyne{at} Thu Sep 16 12:03:08 2004
Is that Cherish? I'll have to check!
Tasha McGroyne:    tetheredmd{at} Thu Sep 16 12:18:54 2004
YEUP! That is the beautiful and talented Cherish McGroyne!  
Ana B:    Fri Sep 17 05:10:11 2004
I saw her at Vlad's fire- she can DANCE! Is it Cherish or Samira?
Jackal:    Fri Sep 24 11:36:44 2004
uh.... what musicians?
Xraz:    Xorazne{at} Wed Feb 2 14:04:34 2005
Must be good to be King?! Love Ya, Siridean!
DeSuavé:    desuave_cristo{at} Sun Feb 27 21:23:41 2005
Aye...what a sight to behold. I had the utmost honor drumming for her this past pennsic of 2004. What an amazing dancer she is. Her grace is only surpassed by her ever present beauty.

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