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Cherish McGroyne / Samira Shuruk:    Sun Sep 26 15:35:29 2004
it looks as if Nevik was caught misbehaving! :)
Portia de Sancto Lucianno:    Mon Feb 7 09:19:37 2005
Is this a picture of Wolgemut? If so, these guys are a real treat! I spent a lot of time listening to them perform. I heard rumor they were producing a CD. Is this true, and where can I get one?
Katheryn:    Mon Feb 21 05:15:06 2005
Portia: They have produced at least 3 cd:s allready and they sell them at all events they attend. Most of them live in Sweden though, but they always do Pennsic (and I think they went to Estrella this year again).
Ysabiau D'Auginac:    Fri Apr 22 12:01:03 2005
They showed up to Gulf wars this year, tou could hear them playing all over! This group is one of the things I look forward to at Pennsic!
Lord charles Raven:    charles_raven{at} Sun Jun 26 21:10:16 2005
That is the one and only Wolgemut...They have more than 3 cds out4 or 5 I think?....They love to drink root beer...And this year they performed at the Maryland Ren-faire...I remember the first time my lady and I saw them perform was at a Drachenwald coronation in a castle in Wales...and we have been fans ever since!!
Doubtful:    Wed Aug 10 08:45:04 2005
Just very excellent, professional and delightful faire music as it might have been 700 years ago.  
I've enjoyed their sound since they started going to Pennsic and just hope they had as good a time with us we did listening to (and seeing) them.  
Just perfect.

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