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Bridgette MacLean -AEthelmearc:    Fri Aug 27 10:13:21 2004
I was quite taken aback, and then impressed when I saw this fellow.
sophia:    Fri Aug 27 10:19:28 2004
I LOVE this! I wonder if he made any money.
Bastien d'Ardennes:    bastien_dardennes{at} Wed Sep 1 04:06:58 2004
This was *WAY* too cool. Congratulations to the fellow who got the idea of playing a leper, made the garb and spent hours walking, most certainly drenched in his/her own sweat.
Hilary:    Thu Sep 2 17:20:47 2004
I remember the sound of the bell added to the eerieness.
Cubstride of the Kanawha/Don Valentine :    SalleAvarim{at} Thu Sep 2 21:48:18 2004
This fellow is part of the Misty Highlands in Aethelmearc, and is one heck of a nice guy.. He's a hoot to hang out with and possessed of a great sense of humor. He didnt make a lot of money, however that was never his goal..(And I think he donated a lot of what he did make to his camp at War) He simply wanted to try the idea out and have fun with it. I'll try and make sure he gets pointed this direction to appreciate your comments.
Dulcy:    paintedwheel{at} Fri Sep 10 14:20:57 2004
This is just awesome. This is the sort of thing that just adds so much to our atmosphere. I really do believe that if everyone is "noble", than no one is (one of many reasons I have a below-the-salt persona myself.). Great job!
Rachel:    Tue Oct 5 10:50:21 2004
This guy was AMAZING! he came by to talk to us at the photo booth. great times....
Tortured Thommy:    TGodz{at} Thu Apr 21 00:33:14 2005
How can you not slip this person a few scheckles?! Great Pic Yaaz!!

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