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Kayleigh McWhyte:    secretscribe1{at} Fri Aug 27 13:28:38 2004
Lady Annie Sparrow, Atlantia:  
Scroll: AoA for Herridtr Freyugydtja Ogvaldsdottir  
Scroll: (photo not available) Scroll blank for Mayan or Aztek persona
Master Tristan Alexander:    vampyre{at} Sat Aug 28 16:37:00 2004
Actually her name is Amie Sparrow not Annie. She is quite talented and I am sure will do great things in future. The scroll shown is not in a period style (she stressed this to me) but is lovely work.
Herridr Freyugydja Ogvaldsdottir:    heronoffroglea{at} Sun Aug 29 03:41:32 2004
This is my scroll! I think it is wonderful, and many Thanks to Aimee' for indulging my love of both herons and frogs!
Kayleigh:    Sun Aug 29 05:03:14 2004
Master Tristan,  
Yep, I realized the typo as I was reviewing the post before leaving the office from work - the correct spelling's right there on the photo. :)  
I thought both pieces were wonderfully done.

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