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Ana:    Fri Aug 27 10:35:15 2004
Isn't this called 'card weaving'?
Akiyo:    Fri Aug 27 10:43:38 2004
No, this is rigid heddle weaving.
Kayleigh McWhyte:    secretscribe1{at} Fri Aug 27 14:00:16 2004
Lady Blitha of Wolfhau, Atlantia:  
* Rigid heddle and trim  
* Opus Anglicanum  
* Alms Purse  
*Photo not shown, right:  
Megan Wymarc, Atlantia  
Clay figures (youth A&S)
Reyne Telarius, :    robynbecker{at}comcast Sat Aug 28 10:59:56 2004
Ow wow, this is too cool. A quetion - did you make those heddles yourself, or did you purchase them from someone? I love the versatility of this - unlike an Inkle loom, where the length is limited by the size of the loom, yyou can make this as long as you want, as long as you have a shuttle large enough to hold the unwoven warp.  
Very cool!
Cairistiona de Coveran:    Sat Aug 28 17:41:01 2004
Blitha carved those heddles herself.
Theresa:    theresa_kimmy{at} Tue Aug 31 19:04:32 2004
I have just started learning tablet weaving. Can you direct us to any sites that talk about how this weaving works???
Pelagia/Nancy McKenna:    faena0216{at} Tue Aug 31 19:36:38 2004
Rigid heddle weaving such as is being done in the photo is warp-dominant or warp-faced (the warp threads show, the weft often does not). Any book on Inkle Weaving will discuss how this is done. Use a search engine to find Ralph Griswold's online weaving library. There may be a monograph or 2 on inkle weaving there. The inkle loom as modern weavers use it is a modern development, but the type of plain woven band is old, as you know!  
Helen Bress's book is considered a classic. I did not care all that much for it, but it is in a large % of public libraries so is easy to find for most.  

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