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Sidonia:    Fri Aug 27 13:14:12 2004
This was the dress the queen of the east wore during opening ceromies..Lovely. Love the fur.
Kayleigh McWhyte:    secretscribe1{at} Fri Aug 27 13:39:43 2004
**Personal Arms of TRM Kelson 1 & Geneviere 1 (court garb)**  
Done by the following folk from the East:  
* Duchess Isabella of York  
* Baroness Jaqueline Gelene Loisel (sp?)  
* Lord Angus the Tailor  
* Baron Christos di Cherubino  
* Lady Estela de Frayse  
* THL Wulstan of Ravenswood  
* Lady Brangwayana Morgan  
* Lord Corwyn Ravenwing  
* Lady Carowyn Silveroak *cast buttons with detailing*  
*Photo not shown: Closeup of bodice area. King's tunic has amphisbaena heads on buttons, Queen's bodice has martlets on buttons.
Danabren:    Fri Aug 27 14:37:02 2004
And that's Lord Angus the Tailor in the photo.
lisajo:    blackbearcabin{at} Tue Aug 31 08:18:23 2004
what a gorgeous piece.....the queen must have looked lovely in it!
Brangwayna:    Sun Oct 3 06:17:59 2004
The parti-colored black and red/yellow striped items are a cotehardie and cloak made for King Kelson of the East by the same group of people. He wore them at East Kingdom Court.

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