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Kayleigh McWhyte:    secretscribe1{at} Fri Aug 27 14:07:21 2004
Ivan Petrovich, Atenveldt:  
* Tablet woven belt  
* Handmade needles  
.....more photos & documentation coming next week, 8-30-04. :)  
Lorelei:    Sat Aug 28 09:09:04 2004
Thanks for the nice photos of A&S. I missed them. I was alone, at war, with my 4-year-old and she gets all spastic if we linger for more than seconds. Enjoyed them with my morning coffee. --Lorelei
richild la gauchere:    Sun Aug 29 22:03:37 2004
I recall admiring these. No offense offered to anyone, but so many people bring and show their flashiest work at the Pennsic A&S Exhibition, and it's nice to see something "small" like these needles.
Nancy/Pelagia:    faena0216{at} Tue Aug 31 19:38:46 2004
Wow! excellent work.
Ivan Petrovich:    trebuchet{at} Wed Sep 1 13:40:39 2004
I'm glad people liked the needles as well as the belt. I like to make simple, everyday sorts of things and it's always nice to know that others like them as much as I do.  
Kayleigh:    Tue Sep 7 04:39:15 2004
Sometimes it's the little things that count most. ;)  
More pictures are up, over at A&S Part 2. :)

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