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Bridgette MacLean - AEthelmearc:    Fri Aug 27 10:23:41 2004
A handgun that really works! Created by Master Bedwyr Danwyn of the Dominion of Myrkfaelinn (AEthelmearc)
Kayleigh McWhyte:    secretscribe1{at} Fri Aug 27 13:42:15 2004
Master Bedwyr Danwyn, Aethelmearc:  
Faustohrsteitkolben ("fist-shaped death hitter")
Donal Mac Ruiseart:    Sat Jan 22 19:44:49 2005
Looks sturdy enough to go hand to hand after the ammunition is expended.
Donal Mac Ruiseart:    Sat Jan 22 19:46:31 2005
Does it fire all four barrels simultaneously or do they fire individually?
Domenego Paladin Triestino:    domenego{at} Fri Feb 18 09:22:43 2005
They fire individually. I spoke to him about it at Pennsic. Anyone have his email address? I was waiting for some construction plans on this item, since I plan to make an RBG version for SCA rapier combat.
Master Bedwyr Danwyn:    TRL3{at} Wed Jun 15 18:23:38 2005
I am pleased to see the interest in the gonne, and apologize for not providing my contact information sooner. I do not do much with computers, and this is the first time I have viewed the site! There are no plans for the gun per se, as I made it from scratch as I went. For reasons of modern safety, the barrels are bored from cold rolled stock, with no breech plug. To do this requires a metal lathe, although one could use four mundane black powder barrels already threaded for breechplugs. The project required some welding skills, too.  
I am happy to discuss the project, either on line or at Pennsic 34 (where I will have my latest gun on display!).  

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