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Kira Majdi:    Wed Sep 1 11:49:16 2004
The Women in White ritual before the field battle.
Visc Lore:    Wed Sep 1 13:00:45 2004
Kira - Could you explain more about this ritual? I've seen quite a few pictures on different websites, but no explanation of its purpose or meaning. Thanks!
Kira Majdi:    Wed Sep 1 13:14:47 2004
I'm not going to be the best at explaining it but I'll give it a shot. We were singing a chant to Morrigan. We were raising energy and passing it to our warriors to use in battle.  
We (the Tir Thalor women) were guests in the ritual. It is Preachain's ritual and they let us join since our fighters are hired by them.
Isabeau:    Thu Sep 2 07:12:46 2004
Wow! that's rather cool.

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