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Micha von Wolgemut:    wolgemut{at} Sat Sep 4 07:27:13 2004
The kinder and gentler side of Wolgemut.  
This was taken before our loud instruments had arrived.  
Cherish McGroyne / Samira Shuruk:    Mon Sep 6 05:13:07 2004
The men of Wolgemut spreading joy through music (in their undegmarments -yay!). A WONDERFUL band who inspires many many dancers to get up and shake their groove thang.
Lady Adelaide Donnachaidh:    Tue Sep 28 09:03:34 2004
What a joy to hear them, from near and far! I clearly remember the day that I heard them playing way down yonder, the day the LOUD instruments arrived. It was heavenly. Fast becomming part of my Pennsic experience and an institution! PLEASE keep comming back!

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