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Iona:    morgothcoffeebean{at} Mon Sep 6 08:57:25 2004
hail to the tuchux! the best part of all the battles. it was my first pennsic...and it was awesome to see the tuchux in action. Great picture as well ;-)
Minimal Greypanther:    Tue Sep 7 11:30:31 2004
Dagar and Beest left to right.  
Both fellow Black Hands and Clan Leaders
maggot the squriming :    www.warlordmaggot{at} Tue Sep 7 17:50:56 2004
my frist pen to and it was great to see the tuchux as a man who loves fighting there stile it nice to see what warriors are realy loike and wearing tin hats arent them hale tuchux maggot
Kayleigh McWhyte:    secretscribe1{at} Thu Sep 16 04:18:17 2004
...And in the background, walking away in the blue and white, are 2 members of the Barony of An Dubhaigeainn's fighting ducks unit. (White side of surcoat = duck feet, blue side has feathers).

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