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Lady Adrienne:    Mon Sep 6 07:49:52 2004
The Barony of St. Swithin's Bog in the blue and black tabards. I'm already dead on the ground.
Sir Dirk:    Mon Sep 6 18:17:47 2004
In the background I see Oscad de Segovia taking a stroll
Ren :    kaf3{at} Sat Sep 25 13:02:22 2004
Bottom right corner is Arddenn Scot of Clan Scot in the blue and yellow tabbard, and my man Wulfr with the horse tail infront of him. The only way to spot Wulfr in the sea of black Tuchux armor was to look for his buddy, Arddenn...much harder to miss!!!
Seamus Og:    Fri Mar 18 09:28:59 2005
Black Talon in the middle in the thick of things. Black Talon!!

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