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Agrippa Mc Groyne:    Sun Sep 19 13:37:40 2004
Go me!
Visc Lore:    Mon Sep 20 12:32:12 2004
So what, pray tell, is "Fizzball"??
Agrippa McGroyne:    Thu Sep 23 06:55:38 2004
Baseball, yet with the "ball" being a can of very nasty beer. Points are scored for the completeness of destruction,for distance, and style.
Dustyn McGroyne:    Thu Sep 23 10:13:10 2004
And along the back line of watchers onthe right to left we have Timmay, Sloth, unknown lady, BigBe and Dragan for the McGroynes!
Dragan McGroyne:    Thu Sep 23 18:12:02 2004
The penalty for stricking out is really rather wicked. You must drink the thrice pitched can of warm cheap beer. Yummmmmmmy.
Duncan, Grope, and Pierce McGroyne:    Wed Mar 2 18:25:35 2005
Ah... Warm earth, dank soil, and mud you could drink!! What exactly does it smell like after a day or two?
wolf:    roguesfal{at} Wed Mar 30 16:26:04 2005
you guys wouldn't believe how bad it smells....taht's why we're moving fizzball back a day to wed. for war 05
freya:    Sat Apr 16 12:51:04 2005
you can just barley make out the top half my head, sitting next to the score keeper behind the batter, this is the first picture I've ever seen of myself on the internet, hopefully the others I heard about don't really exist. Hi wolf :)
shryke:    Mon May 2 21:37:05 2005
We had a fizball practice at my house up on top of the mountain. the grass was covered by 5 cases worth of terrible beer. though the bears liked it, a guest tole me that a momma and her cub woke them at 4:am with the cub rolling around spastically on the fizzball field, and the momma sitting and looking exhasperated. it was a good party for all concerned. except of course for the guy who passed out in the yard and was stepped on and almost urinated on.
LexiRogue:    Mon May 23 06:10:21 2005
I LOVE me some fizzball!! A dangerous spectator sport, to be sure! The smell the next day? Oh we pray that night for rain!! Cuz if it gets all good and cooked into the ground..... BLECH!!
Grainne:    Sun Jun 12 06:00:54 2005
Ok, Sign me up for "FizzBall"!! Looks like fun and I did play "ball of Soft" for many years but I would not want to be the outfielder for that game!!!

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