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D'ner:    bill.hohman{at} Mon Aug 30 16:42:26 2004
a kissing on the poop deck...
alena parsons:    alenap667{at} Tue Aug 31 16:04:30 2004
aaahhhhhh, i wonder did they ever get "bob" back by paying that ransom to 'Og' at camp McPhaylin (sp)???? and did you get gumby back too???? i so helped out and had sooo much fun raiding that encampment!!!! can't wait to do it again next year!!!!!!!
Porthole of Raven Spittle:    sophie3019{at} Tue Aug 31 22:52:30 2004
we got most of the raided items back...Captain PotatoHead is now Ms Captain...Gumby is still being held though....ransom still being negotiated...
Red O'Malley:    jbarry5{at} Wed Sep 1 13:22:38 2004
I think we got Gumby back too....Damn McGroynes! ;-) (It's hard to keep up with all the looting because there were very few ransom notes....)
Corwayne:    Sat Feb 26 22:51:40 2005
It seemed that Raven Spittle had been lost at first this year then at last we found you moved down to the water's edge now what would make you put a fine ship like this near WATER! Doesn't the Raven sail on Booze?  

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