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Ciarán mac Cionath:    silveroak2{at} Mon Aug 30 18:49:39 2004
Rayya, (I can't tell if that is Jackal or not), "Moggy" and Krikk
Cicilia Tironi:    tracy.mazzone{at} Tue Aug 31 11:47:19 2004
Nope, that's Moggy's husband, Diego. :-)
Cicilia Tironi:    tracy.mazzone{at} Tue Aug 31 11:49:00 2004
OH! So *that's* Rayya! Darn it...I did see you then, girl, and just never knew it!  
ARGH! Oh well, next year we'll actually meet rather than just stand near each other being oblivious, I promise. LOL!
Rayya Tsigane:    scaRayya{at} Sun Sep 19 20:24:36 2004
Aggghhh! me!! burn it!!!  
actually, it's a very good picture.  
Cicilia, we shal *have* to meet up somehow.... I can't believe we missed each other at the LAMB ROAST!! And I even got a picture where you are in the corner part of it!

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