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Ates:    Wed Sep 1 10:33:51 2004
this nice lady posed for the pic during one of the parties at kindred. it turned out to be one of the best photos i took for all of pennsic. if someone knows who she is can you send her here so she can get a copy?
Hilary:    Wed Sep 1 10:51:19 2004
This is a fellow Three Skull, Yadira....looking as lovely as always. I will send her an email and a link.
yadira:    redbettie13{at} Wed Sep 1 15:16:37 2004
yup thats me!! i would love a copy. unfortunately i didnt bring a camera this year so i have no pics:( the more i can collect, the better. thanks!!!
Ates:    Wed Sep 1 20:10:48 2004
were you able to pull the pic off the website? if not do you want me to e-mail it to you? thanks for poseing for the photo!
yadira:    Wed Sep 1 20:56:24 2004
yes, actually after i posted the comment i did pull it right from the sight. thanks!
Constantia:    Thu Sep 16 19:45:12 2004
She is DREAMY....
DeSuavé:    desuave_cristo{at} Wed Dec 8 22:41:14 2004
Yuuummmyyy - three skull woman ;-)

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