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Rychard the Confused:    Tue Aug 23 14:38:20 2005
The camera would work better, if you took off the lens cap.  
Buianca:    Fri Aug 26 16:23:29 2005
Just goes to show you how lazy us people in the pit really are! Can't even be bothered with the lens cap!  
Thanks to Blood Jack for letting us partake of their shade and hammocks!
Bianca:    Fri Aug 26 16:24:29 2005
Hey! How did that "u" get in my name?
ystyll:    Sat Aug 27 02:08:18 2005
God Bianca thats way too much of an opening for me to respond.  
BTW there was no lens cap.
Jackal:    jackal3{at} Fri Sep 9 12:12:57 2005
"too much of an opening"? Now that should be joked about.
Buzz:    Sun Nov 6 18:58:04 2005
Oh boy, a security camera, thats why I go to Pennsic, to see modern things like cameras and cars. Thanks
David von Ludwig:    Mon Nov 28 10:19:40 2005
Did that camera catch any stray flamingos from Camp Flamingo Bluff
casey:    Sat Jan 14 22:37:22 2006
wow - buzz - what a great sense of humor you have - thanks for coming to pennsic and making sure noone has too much fun....
Dragan McGroyne:    vermn{at} Thu Jun 1 07:59:27 2006
Hey Buzz, You're welcome. Please don't forget to include duct tape, porta castles, and plastic water jugs in your list of modern things at War!. After all we'd all much rather take no pictures, walk to pennsic, get hit by real weapons, goose step through human waste, and pass out from heat stroke than have modern things intrude, not!
Sarah:    Mon Jun 5 20:19:01 2006
I think it is down right hi-larious!
rowan canterbury:    rowancanterbury{at} Tue Sep 19 22:20:34 2006
We did it for the giggles. You know how much fun it is to sit in that pit and watch people go by? You would never imagine how many of you danced, made faces, stopped in suprise, and did any number of interesting things...we may be lazy pirates...but we're not stupid pirates...  
Brona:    emeraldepona{at} Fri Feb 9 11:16:15 2007
Well now I know what to look for when Rowan the younger and I come out to Pennsic in '08 (Darn to long to wait, but oh well...) I LOVE it.

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