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Alric The Mad:    Wed Sep 21 10:38:54 2005
The Prince of Atlantia with our banner.  
Not sure but thats probably the King of Atlantia near the wall (Blue and white tabbard) to the right of the banner
matt of m:    Thu Dec 29 12:15:20 2005
i would say that is count valharic
Sir Daemon:    Wed Jan 18 18:46:02 2006
That would be Sir (soon to be his Grace) Yanos holding the banner, to his right in the solid blue would be his Grace Cuan, to his right is Sir Valhalric (Atlantia's warlord) In the blue and yellow checky is a Duke Cuan squire and in the black armor...hmmnn, perhaps Sir Axel?
Seamus Og:    seamusog{at} Sun Jun 4 15:02:58 2006

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