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Etienne:    Wed Sep 7 20:31:46 2005
Photo by Viviane dite Brindeliere
Azhrde:    Thu Sep 8 18:03:32 2005
What a fantastic photo! Great job!
Raven:    Tue Sep 13 12:07:11 2005
Amazing pictures! Are you using a starburst lens for these?  
Viviane:    Tue Sep 13 18:33:48 2005
Thanks! I just used a simple 28-80 Canon lens with a long exposure.
Slim:    Tue Sep 13 19:21:59 2005
Nice! This would be - what? - last friday, maybe last thursday? Looks great!
Red O'Malley:    jbarry5{at} Wed Sep 14 10:23:38 2005
Viviane I never saw our ship look so beautiful! I didn't get to Pennsic this year and I missed my old friend....Thank you soooo very much...
Crimson Kate McPhee:    ukrpirate{at} Wed Sep 14 15:25:30 2005
What an amazing picture of our ship, the Ravenspittle. You really captured the magic of Pennsic at night. Thank you.
Darter the Chronicler:    Mon Sep 19 17:42:02 2005
Now THAT is a great photo!!!
Perkeo:    perkeo{at} Wed Sep 21 21:54:53 2005
I agree with Kate. Great picture...brings back many memories.
Liam Mac anTsaoir:    Fri Nov 11 17:47:28 2005
I love the Ravenspittle, Great Pyrates they are!!
Ana:    Thu Dec 29 08:08:31 2005
This looks like it is straight out of Pirates of the Caribbean (the ride!). What a lovely shot.
Cabin Boy Bran:    GawainVII{at} Thu Feb 23 17:40:34 2006
Viviane, who we be allowed to use this photo on our website? Please e-mail me :)
Swabere:    Mon Aug 21 10:01:57 2006

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