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Etienne:    Wed Sep 7 20:32:46 2005
Photo by Viviane dite Brindeliere
Robert:    Thu Sep 8 22:58:07 2005
This was taken on corn party night.  
WOW... I realy like this shot.  
Cairech:    Sat Sep 10 17:15:09 2005
It looks like something ethereal. Incredible!
Crimson Kate McPhee:    Wed Sep 14 15:36:08 2005
Lady Viviane, you have a gift for capturing the magic of Pennsic!
Kayleigh McWhyte:    Tue Sep 20 20:01:01 2005
Simply amazing. :)
Baron Johann Kinslayer:    Thu Sep 22 14:16:54 2005
Full moon looking like the sun...Strawberry Surprise window glowing...The firelight flowing out from behind the ShadowClans gatehouse... I never imagined this angle on our Keep before. Stunning work, Thank you!

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