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Althea DeGrimm:    althea.degrimm{at} Wed Sep 7 13:05:35 2005
Eveline did a fantastic job with this...repeating the entire scroll in braille...just ~Wow~...
Kayleigh McWhyte:    Wed Sep 7 16:06:03 2005
Photo by Lady Kayleigh McWhyte  
Words, Callig and Illumination by Lady Kayleigh McWhyte  
Beading and Braille by Lady Aveline of Mayburgh  
For Georges le Bard, hurdy-gurdy musician  
This is a Troubador Scroll (musical entertainment order, East Kingdom) for Georges le Bard, aka Lord George of An Dubhaigeann - aka Aveline's husband. The fabric is a very stiff type (Aveline purchased it, she would know what kind), with illumination painted on in fabric paint for opacity and permanence. To help George "see" the scroll (he is 100% visually impaired), I asked Aveline about beading over something if I painted it. She did a wonderful job - the size of this piece is approximately 18" x 30" !  
Source of inspiration: St. Ursula and the 11,000 Virgins, ca. 1440 AD. (Painted Prayers, penwork border on fol. 182r, page 113)  
...And all this time, he thought the piece was for his friend, Uther! :)

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