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Robert Of Ashbury:    Wed Sep 21 20:58:35 2005
Look up in the skie. ther's 7 shots in the air at one time.
Aeddan Ivor:    Mon Sep 26 14:13:29 2005
Look again there are 8 shots in the air.
freiman the minstrel:    Tue Sep 27 07:35:17 2005
You can actually see me in this photo!!!  
I am the fellow in black, near the left, I think I am the sixth person from the left. I am in black leather with white karate gi pants (my braes were ripped beyond help) between a fellow in a white gambeson and a fellow in a black and white tabard.  
After thirteen pennsics, probably a hundred pennsic battles, two pas' Thousands of performances, and one charity deed of arms, I finally have a picture on  
I am somebody now.

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