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Natasha :    Tue Aug 30 16:02:51 2005
Wow, this is a REALLY cool Cathedral!!! Where was it? Is this the camp I heard about that holds a CORN party?
Roomie:    Tue Aug 30 20:16:12 2005
Yep, the Shadowlands ~ great corn!
Robert:    Tue Aug 30 22:41:10 2005
Sorry about the barrels in the way. It was raining that day and we were trying to keep the ammo dry.  
Lady Ewe Notte Mee:    Sun Sep 4 22:26:03 2005
This is absolutely incredible. I hope they didnt have to ship it far, it looks like quite a bit of work to put together. Terrific work, I look forward to more!
Fenris:    Sun Sep 11 11:54:48 2005
Thats SHADOWCLANS good gentles.  
The cathedral is stored onsite.  
I'm glad you enjoyed the visual, you need to come to the corn party if you havent yet.  
-Fen SC Elder
Brigit of Bergental:    Sun Sep 11 19:32:21 2005
good mead, bad whiskey. really cool party.
Baron Johann Kinslayer:    Thu Sep 22 13:59:11 2005
Now Brigit... The bad whiskey comment... You weren't the one who siddled up to the bar and and said "Hurt me" were you? If so, that would have been some of the nastiest rot gut corn whiskey we could find this side of Hades... We save this stuff for just such special requests, and the accidental serving to someone who needs it. :] See ya next year.....  
P.S. this time ask for the house special.
Rhiannon Menai:    Tue Sep 27 12:30:01 2005
Acutally the hit drink of the party was "surprise me". the boys loved making those. and people seemed to love the drink considering how many people asked for it.
Brigit of Bergental:    Fri Dec 2 20:17:39 2005
Baron Johann, I don't think we were the ones that said "hurt me", but we got to the party late and were being stupidly brave and willing to try anything. I think we went back for more mead and there was none left so we accepted the offer of stuff we were warned would be bad, and I am more of the "alcoholic fruit punch" type than the whiskey type. We will be back next year.
The Drunk:    Fri Dec 16 21:04:46 2005
I got so wasted at that party! I was walking back to camp and fell in the lake! Or was that the first night? Did I go to the Corn Party? Whats Going on?!  
Lady Grainne of East Land:    toyodacam1970 Tue May 9 05:12:57 2006
Wonderful site wonderful Corn Party. Hubby had his wallet stolen the day before the Corn party and well We desided to have a little fun at Pennsic. Thanks for making us feel welcome at the party and for allowing my husband to sing "Come Sail Away" As Eric Cartman from "South Park" for your Circle.
Dale Dhuibb-Shith:    theLady_Dale{at} Fri Jun 23 10:16:08 2006
No I am not a Lady. Address was before the SCA was joined..LOl  
I now have a reason to come to the war if at all possible in 2006. I was told about the corn party and the place looks so cool...  
My son got to go last year ..and I wanna this. Hope to see it first hand.  
Baroness Arnistal:    Sat Jul 1 07:32:59 2006
What an encampment!!! I have been to many parties at War, of all the big ones, ShadowClans has the best. Its not as raunchy as others, or as noisy, but I certainly can get a full mug of something tasty, at some parties it's a little watered down. The entertainment is different every year, and the hospitality is phenomenal. I was invited to tour some of their tents, one had carved wood for walls, real furniture, artworks and more candles than the Vatican. Another had a Hookah palace type theme going on and it was comfy and good. They say that they are open for hospitality most of War, the Corn party is just their big night. See you guys again next year!!!!
Adena Terricsdotter:    Vujadea200{at} Wed Jul 19 05:50:57 2006
I learned 3 years ago NOT to say surprise me to the drinkmaker at the Corn Party.....I got 12 ounces of Vodka with a red flavor ice in it. I was afraid it was going to eat straight through my mug!!
Aisling:    Wed Jul 26 14:30:00 2006
Well, when you get to the party after we've run out of mixer--you get alcohol as mixer! ;)
Brigit of Bergental:    Mon Aug 21 20:07:16 2006
Baron Johann, thanks for the tip on the house special. Yum, but potent.
Peggy of Southkeep:    Impelliizzeri{at} Mon Aug 28 21:08:55 2006
Next corn party you have to confess your sins in the cornfessional. Had an awesome time at the corn party, thanks again for your hospitality Johann
Baroness Kathereen Kinslayer:    kathereen{at} Tue Nov 14 17:03:59 2006
Thank you, Peggy! Johann and I always have SO much fun at the Corn Party. It is one of the things we absolutely look forward to each year. The cornfessional was so silly, wasn't it?? Can't wait for next year!! :)

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