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Artemisia Moltabocca:    Wed Aug 24 14:17:10 2005
Casa Bardicci Hall just before the Hoidy Toidy Party.
Nefarious Darius of the Hand:    nefarious_darius{at} Thu Sep 1 13:51:57 2005
I must give these good folks snaps. This looks amazing. I am sorry I missed it. The Casa Bardicci looks incredible and whoever took the pic has a good eye for photography. Gr8 work, keep it up.
Benvolio, the Jester:    ernestblake{at} Tue Sep 13 08:08:28 2005
Beautiful Picture! Come, visit us & dance or sip our Mead. Musicians welcome!
Gray Mouser:    Mouserdude{at} Mon Nov 7 09:05:53 2005
I've sipped some great Meads there! And yes, the good people of Casa Bardicci are fabulous! Great neighbors too! ;-)
Maddy Thorn: Sat Sep 9 08:57:18 2006
Thank you for your kind words good gentles. Tis a labor of love, truely the heart of our Casa is the good souls within.

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