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Artemisia Moltabocca:    Wed Aug 24 14:18:35 2005
Casa Bardicci, back loggia. View from minstrels gallery.
jacquetta:    jacquetta{at} Thu Aug 25 07:26:30 2005
Holy Cow! this is awesome!
Bridgette MacLean:    ms154{at} Fri Aug 26 12:19:03 2005
One day I truely hope to see this wonder for myself. I have hoped to ask someone to show me about, but keep getting cold feet at the last minute. One day... ;>
Isabelle:    Fri Aug 26 13:59:02 2005
I visited this lovely camp. It is a must do on next years list too. But I have to admit that the party was a bit freaky. Might need to visit during daylight hours next time.
Artemisia Moltabocca:    Fri Aug 26 14:02:41 2005
The Casa actually has a formal open house right before the Hoity Party. Everyone at the Casa is extremely friendly and we love showing it off anytime - it's the main reason why it's built!
Kayleigh McWhyte:    Sat Aug 27 19:18:20 2005
How long does it usually take to set this up?
Raphael di Angelo:    Mon Aug 29 09:33:06 2005
Casa Bardicci has the nicest spread of any encampment at Pennsic.  
I have enjoyed the Hoity Toity party the past 2 years and expect to have a great time next year too!  
Avery the Farseeing:    Mon Aug 29 16:30:16 2005
Casa Bardicci grows more extravagantly beautiful each year. I must return to the War once more just to see this in the real. This is what Pennsic and the SCA are about.
Iona Fairsian:    morgothcoffeebean{at} Tue Aug 30 04:11:50 2005
Good lord. The wonderment that is Bardicci!
Artemisia Moltabocca:    Tue Aug 30 12:28:03 2005
This is the first year the Casa has graciously accepted me as a guest. They said that last year, they were still putting in screws during the Hoity Party. It's so well known that construction takes so much time that someone showed up to the Hoity this year with their screwgun! But all for naught because it only took five days for the major construction this year, which is a new record. They hope things will go even better next year. Practice makes perfect.
Muirgen:    bcvlnplyr{at} Fri Sep 2 07:32:09 2005
I spent some of my nicest moments at Pennsic here with the friendly and wonderful people of Bardicci. What they do inspires me to dream the dream!
Satine De La Courcel:    ladysatinedelacourcel{at} Fri Sep 16 20:24:15 2005
Awesome Gate! I hope to have the priveladge to see it in person at next years Pennsic!
Eisell:    diane19128{at} Sun Sep 18 14:50:26 2005
I could see the outer loggia from Maison de Lune (across from Vlad's). Beautiful! Maybe next year, I'll get closer.
Mordrah Dooley Of Falcon's Quarry:    Mon Sep 26 14:50:54 2005
This was my first pennsic that I was able to partake in all that pennic has to offers in libation. The hoity party was one of the most amazing parties that I went to that week. I am making a special costume next year just for the party. I cant wait to see it next year.
Robert the Doubtful:    rlongbow{at} Thu Feb 9 20:32:38 2006
Really beautiful work, too bad that a lot more camps aren't that talented or want to put the effort into construction.
Sasha:    MstrssSasha{at} Fri Mar 24 09:46:11 2006
I have been going to War for several years and have heard about the Hoity Toity party but have never had the chance to get to it. Is it a themed party or just a "come join the fun" gathering?
Artemisia Moltabocca:    Fri Apr 14 10:29:11 2006
The Hoity party is by invite, purchased gold token or even high bribery (if you're lucky). Up to midnight, it's mostly all about Royalty - Kings, Queens and even the owner of the campgrounds attended the 2005 event. Dress to impress! At midnight, the gates open to all. But I hear those who stand in line outside the gates until midnight create quite a party of their own.  
The Lowly Party is more informal. It's a servants party and is held a few days before the Hoity. By invite, silver token or low bribery (if you're lucky). Again, the doors open at midnight to all.
Synnovea:    cogee79{at} Mon Aug 21 09:35:44 2006
aaah. the casa. i bartended both the low brow and high brow parties this year. ALWAYS a highlight of my pennsic experience!

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