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Althea DeGrimm of House Three Skulls:    Wed Sep 7 13:10:56 2005
One of the incredibly-talented Ladies of House Three Skulls working with the fire poi!  
Yeah, I'm biased...*grins*
Kayleigh McWhyte:    Wed Sep 7 16:21:53 2005
Photo by Lady Kayleigh McWhyte  
This is Jeanette, one of the troupe of entertainers from House 3 Skulls to grace us with her presence at a private party out on the serengetti. She's been working with flaming poi for years, and has performed at previous House 3 Skulls parties in the bog as well.  
Her show really lit up the night. *grin*  
I'm not sure of the identities of the drummers in the background....
Hil:    Fri Sep 9 13:14:45 2005
That is Radha and Felix drumming for Jeanette! They graced us with their mad skills all war!
DeSuavé:    desuave_cristo{at} Sun Sep 11 21:15:24 2005
Hell yeah house three skulls!!! This war was insane! We need more drumming pics! LOL
DeSuave D'mer:    desuave_cristo{at} Thu Oct 27 23:55:13 2005
Radha-man And Felix working the drums in the background! Definately a crazy private party that was. Those lady's know how to party
Sir Kyle The Great:    Thu Jan 12 16:41:22 2006
watch out u might burn urself
clymeney:    Mon May 22 20:41:24 2006
dude, how'd I get on this thing?

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