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Carolina de la Estrella:    Wed Sep 7 13:18:58 2005
Atl Atl Flintstone on his way to the food court says, "One Brontosaurus Burger and Sweet Potato Fries, coming up!"
Lady Renata the posh rot:    Sun Sep 11 09:18:07 2005
Bob Berg of ThunderBird Atlatl. This cherished Ooga Booga hide has been passed down from Chief to Chief for many years...brings a tear to the eye of every Sacred member...  
Ooga Booga!!  
a visitor - guess who:    Sun Sep 11 18:17:37 2005
Now I know where that little strip of material came from that you made mine, the chief and your thong from! I'll let you explain that one. Ooga Booga big old bear!
Pascal the belgian:    pascalc{at} Wed Sep 14 22:20:33 2005
I remember the good time spent in his cave (5 years ago)...

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