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Jaji:    Thu Jun 8 11:14:56 2006
The Princess of Silly Walks!
hamish :    Mon Aug 7 11:06:29 2006
This is my daughter.She had such a great time at pensic she wanted to stay  
Sir Kevin 1st:    kryal{at} Wed Sep 20 21:21:31 2006
I'd be keeping those shoes under the dress
Erissa of the Wood:    Mon Nov 20 08:07:10 2006
She was probably very poud of her shoes. I bet they were magic shoes. One cannot hide magic shoes, they take it of their own to make themselves known.
Sean the Bastard (Lochac):    Thu Jan 10 03:54:03 2008
I hope that she is proud of her shoes, they look fabulous and so does she!! And of course she has magic, you only have to look at her to see that...  
Sean the Bastard (Lochac and father of two daughters)..  

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