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Carolina de la Estrella:    Wed Sep 7 13:26:32 2005
Cap'n Bones greets (and taunts) revelers on the Street of Gold, during Midnight Madness!
Kayleigh McWhyte:    Wed Sep 7 20:57:52 2005
"When 900 years old you reach, look as good you will not!"
Manfred Moyer:    Tue Sep 20 06:09:17 2005
"Yup, I camp with the Donner party. Why do you ask?"
David von Ludwig:    Mon Nov 28 10:26:23 2005
Black Pearl what's the Black Pearl  
Zoe the Chatoyant:    Tue Apr 4 14:43:31 2006
The Black Pearl is an Inn Silly Not a Boat! but we have Pirates!
D'ner:    bill.hohman{at} Thu Apr 13 10:03:29 2006
bonnie lad !
clymeney:    Mon May 22 20:36:14 2006
wow, how long was the line for that merchant for one of his patrons to have expired
Kim:    Wed Jul 26 17:02:54 2006
This guy needs some food. He is lookin a bit on the thin side.
Kyrrn:    Fri Oct 27 17:09:11 2006
"I remember back when Pennsic was AS and only lasted a weekend long"

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