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Red O'Malley:    jbarry5{at} Wed Aug 24 10:39:14 2005
It's nice to see a picture of our ship from this year since I couldn't be with the crew at Pennsic....ARRRGH!
Daidalos of Ostia:    Fri Aug 26 12:19:49 2005
this ship was a great way-point for when stubling home. LOL
Isabelle:    Fri Aug 26 14:03:23 2005
This is the wonderful place where the countdown produced several full moons.
Captain Argyle:    jaredthecreeps{at} Sun Aug 28 23:42:54 2005
Oh yes the Ravenspittle, an entire crew could not ring our bell at the outlanders camp more then twice.....hahah!!
Lady Grainne of East land:    Tue May 9 05:17:50 2006
UMMM yeah That Place.....Lost friends there stumbled back to our camp which was N34. Great party guys wonderful to meet you all.

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