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Ailis:    Tue Aug 23 14:00:19 2005
Photo by Alexander
Greylond Weissbart:    kingpin_anb{at} Sun Aug 28 21:52:40 2005
You can tell the water is cold at Pennsic when even the *fish* have to tip-toe in.
Cubstride:    Mon Sep 5 09:51:12 2005
Nah, he just needed up out of the murder gravy for a while so he could get a chomp on the folks dangling off the rope... (Rope visable near tiki torch)
Kirstin Thalfisdaughtir:    Fri Oct 7 15:49:07 2005
I think it's gnome hunting??
LCPL Jean (18th C) Ionne Piotr (15th C):    Wed Nov 15 04:26:40 2006
"Lessee, I put the fish wind vane on the masthead last night... Maybe Mayfloat VI will reach The New World."

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