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nemo oops:    Wed Aug 24 23:21:56 2005
"we who are about to die salute you"  
yay gladiators, wish i'd gotten to see this gate :)
Brutus:    Thu Aug 25 11:42:39 2005
That's the Familia Gladiatoria gate.
Emmiken:    Fri Sep 2 10:39:24 2005
I finally got to know the members of this camp this Pennsic. I wish I had met them earlier since they were the brightest points of this Pennsic for me.
Grim:    Sat Oct 1 10:02:55 2005
That's Ajax's camp. I camp across the street. Its at the bottom or Runestone hill, if you stick to the inside road (Past Pink Fuzzy Bunny and Three Skulls.)  
Nice camp, they get a lake view. ;)
Isabeaux Morgan:    Tue Jan 17 17:51:15 2006
Just when I thought it couldn't get any better...I've been away too long.
Ajax Thermopoleakles:    gorgon{at} Mon Jan 23 16:51:42 2006
This is the summer house.  
Buggy, muddy and a lousey place to live.  

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