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Raven:    saramonster77{at} Tue Aug 30 10:46:28 2005
Is this medieval batman's yurt?
Helena:    Fri Sep 2 14:36:36 2005
How did my cat get to Pennsic while I was in Europe that week? The things pets do while you're away...!
Argo:    Mon Nov 21 11:59:06 2005
Im not sure why people set up their yurts with such a lown angle roof. This can't shed water very well, as opposed to the pitch of a traditonal yurt, can it?
VKeva:    shadowstarzero{at} Thu Apr 6 10:16:00 2006
HOLY CRAP! that's my yurt! I didn't mean to set it up so low. I'm not strong enough to pull it tight on top.....
Sarah:    Mon Jun 5 20:15:51 2006
This looked really nifty at dawn.

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