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Demetrious:    saintelmo.1{at} Tue Aug 30 07:15:01 2005
This is "will" the poor guard who lives in the clout tower, you can see he is somewhat suprised by all the arrows that come at him.
Demetrious:    saintelmo.1{at} Tue Dec 13 08:19:31 2005
Hey I just realized that is me on the left side. This was during war Points and we were scoring the shoot.
Sergeant Duncan:    Wed Jan 4 22:34:12 2006
I guess the arrow in the crotch is the kill shot!
Demetrious:    Fri Jan 6 12:43:47 2006
Well maybe not a kill, but he will wish he was dead :-)
Robert the Doubtful:    Mon Jun 19 08:36:15 2006
That's the shot which gains an groan from the male audience and a nasty grin from the females.

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