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Etienne:    Wed Sep 21 09:56:02 2005
Photo by Viviane dite Brindelière
Temair:    Tue Oct 11 08:19:39 2005
yummy, just somethign about a man in Armor.....
Annabelle:    Wed Jan 25 10:13:37 2006
But does he know how to use that thing?
Alaric:    Wed May 3 21:14:23 2006
Viscount Sir Dmitriy certainly knows how to use that thing. He beat me in the Best of the Best last year!  
Alaric, Dux
Rich:    Fri Jun 9 00:43:09 2006
(Non member post)  
Is that suppossed to be a polearm? It looks as though you would use it the same as an O-Naginata.
Dina:    redlebaroncoup{at} Tue Jul 25 13:09:11 2006
He looks very pensive and Pennsic
Aefre:    Fri Aug 11 14:01:05 2006
If they all looked like him, I'd be dragging our group to Pennsic right now! I will make it one day... and he'd better be there! Nice lamellar too, to post something relevant.
LCPL Jean (18th C) Ionne Piotr (15th C):    Wed Nov 15 04:01:21 2006
Now THAT is what a re-enactor is supposed to LOOK like! Great photo!
Vlasta von der weissen Sonne:    LukeMingst{at} Sun Jul 22 15:50:34 2007
I keep teasing Dmitry about him being younger than my fighter authorization.
amira:    Sun May 3 07:14:24 2009
yeees...there is something about a man in armor...i'd love to see him in action! he could be my champion anytime!

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