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Robert Of Ashbury:    Wed Sep 21 20:57:00 2005
Oh My God!!! Itís so great. I got my own categorie.  
Baron Johann Kinslayer:    Thu Sep 22 13:49:12 2005
This is our ShadowClans encampment with our War Machine Propaganda Parade. There is the thought of putting up a "For Rent" sign next year...:)
Fionnuala:    Fri Oct 7 20:34:26 2005
ShadowClan rocks!! (Great party, btw)
Hildkar:    nopaew{at} Wed Mar 8 09:10:04 2006
They look great. Very impressive.  
Was not there. Are they functional, and if so what is their range?
Rue Ann Stahl:    Dark_Raven7000{at} Thu Mar 16 13:36:59 2006
What are these things called? Are these Balistas or what? Whoever made these could you email me how to build my own as I love to build things like this, but don't have plans on how to make them. I would be grateful for any help you can give me.
Baron Johann Kinslayer:    johann{at} Sat Jul 1 07:01:44 2006
Very functional...they are set at 79 yards, but can be made for longer distances, as well as competition shooting of real bolts st 220 yards or more. here is the website.
Brennos:    Snakeattack003{at} Fri Aug 3 17:59:23 2007
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm weapons of mass destruction. i don't want to imagine what it would feel like to be hit by one of those.  

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