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jacquetta:    jacquetta{at} Wed Aug 24 12:33:20 2005
where was this lovely gate? I'm sorry to have missed it!
Thalia:    thalia{at} Thu Aug 25 12:00:53 2005
That's not a gate, it's my tent! It was located in Clan Bluefeather, just down the hill from the Dark Horde. It's just a car-port with some columns added to look like a Greek temple. Next year I plan to make some Greek/Egyptian/Roman furnishings, so come check it out! It'll also (hopefully) get some trompe l'oiel (oh that is so spelled wrong) marble texture and painted friezes, entablature, all that stuff from art history.
Iofa:    lark{at} Sun Aug 28 19:16:54 2005's a lovely tent! I noticed it one morning while pulling gate duty with the Horde. It's a wonderfully creative piece.
Agnes de Bennington:    Thu Sep 8 10:05:11 2005
Greetings Thalia! I was considering converting one of the smaller car-port structures myself. How did it camp? Did you leave the "plastic" roof on under the canvas? Did you set it up yourself? Thanks!

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