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Cat of Black Talon:    Tue Aug 30 13:06:57 2005
It's, it's the darkness against the rainbow coalition...err...Calontir Army. :) How colorful, what contrast. Great action shot by the photographer.
audrey of the SinPit:    Tue Aug 30 14:35:49 2005
Photo by Audrey. Still can't get over how close I was as a spectator. This was without zooming in
Liam MacanTsaoir:    Sun Sep 4 17:54:42 2005
Is this afte the great Calontir charge.
Audrey of the SinPit:    Wed Sep 7 16:16:24 2005
That is the initial Calontir charge....against the Tuchux
side Show:    slipps123{at} Thu Oct 20 12:26:26 2005
we held that corner for about 30 sec  
and thean got smashed

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