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Raven:    saramonster77{at} Tue Aug 30 10:49:10 2005
Ummm...OK the symbols on those blak shield looking thingies leave just too much open for really dirty jokes......spread em boys;)
Raven:    saramonster77{at} Tue Aug 30 10:49:41 2005
yeah I meant black ;)
audrey of the SinPit:    Tue Aug 30 14:38:32 2005
Photo by Audrey  
Umm...that is supposed to be Thor's Hammer on their capelettes. I instead looks like something out of Super Mario Bros.....or a bit more..err..phallic. HAHAHAHAHA
cricket:    Wed Sep 21 07:05:27 2005
They look like medieval mutant ninja turtle shells...
Kirstin Thalfisdaughtir:    Fri Oct 7 15:47:07 2005
Identify the tools in this picture???
Ian:    Sat Nov 19 18:16:18 2005
K.N.I.G.H.T.S is fully authenticated and documented on location with the lords and ladies of law enforcement.
Ravenstar:    Sat Jun 17 16:02:22 2006
Alright Spread em!
Kim:    Wed Jul 26 17:13:14 2006
Glad I wasn't the only one that went "OMG that looks like a....." LOL
Sir Kevin 1st:    kryal{at} Wed Sep 20 21:25:59 2006
We're not going to look at you untill you take those no-period glass off.

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