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Taoisech Holt Kincaid:    Tue Sep 20 19:47:25 2005
Photo by Holt Kincaid: The Little Guys, Division One, storming the castle!
Sergeant Duncan:    Wed Jan 4 22:36:26 2006
They're so CUTE!!!
Duke Rorik Gunnarson, An Tir:    fortress{at} Sat Apr 22 17:28:13 2006
I am very glad my star wanes as these warriors' stars wax. They would have crushed me for sure. A brave assault!
wulf garr:    larrynwilliams{at} Sat Jul 29 20:19:12 2006
im from west virigna my mom will not take me herre untill next year but im really looking forword to youth fighting.  

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