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Gwenhyfar Stuart:    Wed Dec 14 05:14:56 2005
That's my youngest. :) I love it...even if she was almost always too dirty for words the entire two weeks.
Gwenhyfar Stuart:    Fri Dec 16 20:49:24 2005
I hope she doesn't grow up too friendly with poles though!
Brand Mailleure:    Tue Apr 11 14:21:41 2006
i must have washed that face 10 times a day, and i know others in camp where doing the same... i swear she would dive face first in the ground while it was still wet , thats the only way it could have stayed dirty.
Falcon:    Fri Apr 21 10:54:37 2006
She is beautiful.......
Aethelrede the Saxon:    veilshumor{at} Sat Jul 15 00:14:46 2006
Her angelic (if somewhat besmudged) face would have been typical of the times past.

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