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Angela:    Sun Aug 19 23:05:54 2007
My better half took most of these pictures. This man caught his eye.
Orianna:    orianna{at} Wed Aug 22 09:51:28 2007
I *believe* this is Sir Garanheir of Ness of the Kingdom of AEthelmearc.
Maryette Rhianna Cantrell of Full Circle:    baroquegrl{at} Mon Aug 27 11:17:35 2007
I am not familiar with this man, however, I recognize my household baldric. He is wearing a Full Circle badge. I regret I have been away from "Home" a very long time. Thank you for the picture.
Eirikr Thorisson:    eirikrsca{at} Thu Sep 6 08:21:08 2007
That IS Sir Garanheir of Ness. He joined our household (Full Circle) a couple years ago.
Wm. Van Ness:    wmvanness{at} Thu Sep 6 18:37:25 2007
Actually my name is spelled GARANHIR  
Baron Sir Garanhihr of Ness
Kari Fitz Garanhir:    huma213{at} Sat Sep 8 06:40:22 2007
This is great, Sir Garanhir is my father and the guy in the left corner is my best friend Poxy Pete!
Genevevre fizt Garanhir:    dj_popple{at} Wed Jul 16 19:06:03 2008
This is one of my favorite Pensic pictures. Gods I need to go again.

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