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Ates:    Wed Aug 22 10:12:31 2007
cooking danceing while janusz drums
Maryette of House Full Circle:    baroquegrl{at} Mon Aug 27 11:28:53 2007
Hey, I think that drummer is my friend Misha...awesome drummer. I have been honored to dance with him many times. I don't know the pretty lady...but I must admit these pictures are sure making me happy. Thank you for sharing them.
Ates:    Wed Aug 29 20:19:06 2007
the dancer is my little sister cookie (damn typo's) and the drummer i know as janusz (i dont know if he goes by anything else)
Sefira Phaedra:    Sun Sep 23 18:55:43 2007
Yeah!!!! Janusz rocks the casbah!! His skills have really grown and thus has become one of my favorite drummers!!!!

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