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Kira Majdi:    Tue Aug 21 12:23:23 2007
Brynjolf:    Wed Aug 22 15:44:05 2007
that one wins.
Genjiro Tenmakutsukuri:    Tue Jan 15 09:48:21 2008
Beautiful! What camera did you capture this with and on what night?
Brendan:    Wed Jan 30 07:36:08 2008
To answer your questions...  
This was taken with a Canon 30D digital SLR and a 10-22mm lens. A very beefy video-style tripod was used. Exposure times varied between 4 and 15 seconds because the lightning flashes were sporadic. I took maybe 15 shots over the course of 20 minutes; only about 4 had good lightning bits in them.  
The shot was taken Tuesday night of main war week, I believe. It was taken on the northern side of the Lake facing south. The storm was passing south of us moving west to east.  

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