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Angela :    Sun Aug 19 23:16:45 2007
Wonderful OG! He spent some time talking with me and my family. He offered my better half a place in his household as a serving girl, for the price of one oxen. We looked high and low. Woe is me no oxen where to be found on the ground of Pennsic. So we brought her home with us. Poor Og what will he do for a slop maid now????
Angela:    Sun Aug 19 23:19:09 2007
Opps. He offered my better half a place in his household for my daughter, for the price of one oxen.
Lady Portia de Sancto Lucianno:    Wed Aug 22 15:09:23 2007
After many years of reading "Og on Alcohol" in "the Pennsic Independent," I finally got to meet this man! He's just as entetaining in person as his articles are to read!
Seamus the Red:    lordseamus{at} Sat Sep 1 14:47:04 2007
And in true OG style, he's still holding his "Woody" Don't ever ask Og about Woody....or Ho-Ho's....
Grece Fitz Huwe:    Wed Nov 7 16:44:13 2007
Og is one of the reasons to attend Pennsic. I love this man. I am sorry it has been so long since I have seen him. I am pleased to see he is still lookng so good.
Snaebjorn Hakonarson aka OIT:    Mon Mar 10 19:30:02 2008
My dear and old friend OG. I am proud to be one of his OITs. (OGs in Training)  
This man is one of the many reasons I keep going to pennsic and I hope he'll be around to make fun of me and keep me lighthearted for many years to come.
Robert the Doubtful:    Sun Mar 30 20:56:33 2008
Nice guy, met him one year at the slave auction - two old guys with beards and beer.  
Also veru nice to see someone who doesn't take himself too seriously and is AT Pennsic to enjoy himself.
Rhonda:    Wed Jul 21 11:23:41 2010
OG rules! That man is just an amazing human being. Love ya OG! See you soon.

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