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Ates:    Wed Aug 22 10:25:16 2007
so, odd......tell us how you really feel!
Yamina al-Zahra':    Wed Aug 22 12:10:44 2007
Hey, it's Odd from Shadow's Company in nothing but his tabard. Must have been Men without Pants night.
Ates:    Fri Aug 24 14:31:52 2007
not just the tabard..... he was wearing boots too!
Maryette of House Full Circle:    baroquegrl{at} Mon Aug 27 11:21:27 2007
Boots? Where do you see boots? Gosh I miss Pennsic...
Tess:    prairieteri{at} Mon Sep 3 11:49:45 2007
I miss Pennsic too. Counting the days until next year. Maryette,I'm glad I'm not the only one who misses it a few days after it is over .
Ivy of the Red Oaks:    care_bear1183{at} Sun Sep 16 10:49:21 2007
Gosh, I missed it the day we started packing up camping(not to mention I had a 3 day bus ride back home to Oklahoma. *sigh*) Still counting down the days...
Deja:    blackrosewench{at} Thu Sep 27 11:17:46 2007
*sniff* *sniff*.... that's my mentor.... i 'm so proud and so sad that i missed it!
Emmiken:    Fri Mar 7 21:22:33 2008
Odd...I've known you since you were a young lad in high school...I really did NOT need to see this...

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