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** Please note -- These maps are from 2001 -- Although they are fairly accurate, there may have been some changes.**

Many thanks go to Finn Jarl Herjolfsson, one of the two autocrats for Pennsic War 30, who took time out of his busy schedule to provide me with the maps that you see here.

Interactive? Yes... the block maps on Pennsic.Net have been linked to our Pennsic People Database to provide Pennsic War participants with a new forum for meeting your neighbors and organizing your campsites. This system may become a prototype for land agent communication for future Wars. The maps are also linked through the Party Calendar. You can also:

  • Register Your Group in the Pennsic People Database and list your block identifier so others can find you with your block map.

  • Register Yourself in the Pennsic People Database and people will know what part of Pennsic you can be found!

Hundreds of people and groups are already listed! Don't be left out in the cold because no one knew how to reach you. List yourself Today!!

Important Note -

There have been several land allocation changes in the new "B" (beyond the battlefield) campsites. Most importantly, the four blocks that used to be on top of Mt. Eislinn (B4-B7) have been moved downhill. I don't have all of the up-to-date maps yet but will post them as soon as I can get them.

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