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Mystic Mail will be returning in 2014!

Pennsic University Instructors

To make Pennsic a little less stressful for you, we are offering to digitally store your class handouts at Mystic Mail. Then if you need to make prints, or more prints, or if students want to share, they can simply stop by Mystic Mail and ask for a print-out from your class.

We've made this simple upload form so for you to use now. You may also stop by the Mystic Mail booth at any time and give us a copy of the handouts.

Note: This is a service provided solely by Mystic Mail for university teachers. This service is in no way affiliated with Pennsic University or the SCA services.

Electronic Versions of documents are Preferred
If you will be supplying your document at Pennsic, put it on a thumb drive and we can easily transfer it to our database at Mystic Mail.

Instructor's Name:
Your Email:
In case we have questions
Title of Class:

Document to upload:

If you would like your documents printed for your class, just let us know how many pages and what day/time that you need them ready:

Comments to Mystic Mail:

Sample "Need 15 sets of prints ready for Tuesday 9AM"

Prints of over 100 pages will be charged at 15¢ per page.


Our Pennsic University Library has been a big hit with both teachers and students.

Teachers no longer need to worry about having the right amount of handouts - just send your students to Mystic Mail for copies!

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