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Mystic Mail - Internet Access at Pennsic War

Internet and Media Services
at Pennsic War

We're the only on-site merchant establishment at Cooper's Lake campground to offer high speed internet access and a full range of printing/media services. And we also charge batteries!

BYO (Bring-Your-Own) Notebooks - Virtual Office Services

Want to go to Pennsic War, but your employer can't do without you? Why not... Take your job to War, and telecommute out of Mystic Mail?!

Work during the day...
Party all night!

It's the perfect solution for those who can't go to Pennsic War unless they can still "commute to the office." It's become so popular, that in 2007 we doubled the seating space for BYO Notebook users.

What we offer:

  • Comfortable desk space
  • Broadband internet access
  • Excellent work environment, shaded, fan cooled on hot days. Bottled water to help keep you hydrated
  • 120V power, filtered and UPS backed
  • Access to scanner and printer(s)
  • Open both weeks of Pennsic War
  • If you are interested in learning more about this service or would like to pre-register space in our facility , we ask that you submit us an inquiry and tell us your detailed question.

Commonly Asked Questions - BYO Notebook Service

What systems do you support?
A: Any notebook running most operating systems that have a wired network card (RJ-45) with DHCP.
Do you rent network adapters?
A: No. Your notebook needs to be pre-configured with an internal or external network adapter.
What are the BYO Notebook rates?
A: Same as regular access rates. Pre-paid card and bulk rates are available.
Can I use pre-paid (discount) rates for the BYO Notebook service?
A: Yes. Inquire for special rates for usage of 10+ hours.
Can I rent desk space (without internet access)?
A: Yes! We will offer a special "basic office" rate where you can use your notebook with 120v power for long terms in the comfort of our pavilion.
Will you have Wi-Fi or another wireless access?
A: No. Access will be available only from our booth via 10BaseT (RJ-45) wired cable.
Do you support VPN?
A: Yes. Contact us in advance if you have specific requirements. In most cases, VPN tunneling will work on our network.
Can I download/upload large files?
A: Yes - we have Broadband internet access!
What is your transfer rate?
A: It's broadband fast. Speeds up to 1.5 mbit/sec may be seen at times. Note: peak or sustained bandwidth is not guaranteed.
Can I access your printer and scanner from my notebook?
A: Printer: definitely, though you may need to install drivers which we can provide. Standard media rates apply to all printed pages.
A: Scanner: maybe, to be determined later.
Will I be able to leave my equipment at your facility overnight?
A: Sorry, we cannot accept responsibility for others' equipment.
Can I share my notebook with others?
A: As part of our non-compete requirements, we ask that there be no more than two persons per system while on our network. Remember that we will have our own systems that can be rented by the minute or by the hour.
Can I bring my own notebook and play Quake/Doom/Halo or whatever?
A: Yes, though we ask you to bring headphones to keep the noise down.


  • — We reserve the right to deny service to any user or notebook.
  • — Owner/user assumes responsibility for security of their system and protection against intrusion, viruses and trojans. We strongly recommend installation of a fully up-to-date virus scanner anytime you are connected to a network.


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