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Mystic Mail - Internet Access at Pennsic War

Internet and Media Services
at Pennsic War

We're the only on-site merchant establishment at Cooper's Lake campground to offer high speed internet access and a full range of printing/media services.

Mystic Mail will be returning in 2014!


Schedule of Fees (sample)

We charge by the minute. The table below will give a general idea of our fee schedule.
Minutes Cash Rate (A) PrePaid Card (B)
Up to 10 min.
20 minutes
30 minutes
over 30 min

Please inquire for discount for large time usages - (over 10 hours)

(A) Computer Access
Commercial Broadband speeds
Minimum Usage 10 minutes per visit
Desktop Publishing
Photo Downloads / CD Burns
(B) PrePaid Internet Cards
No need to worry about carrying cash!
$ 20 Minimum purchase
Buys 80 minutes of internet time at $.25/minute.
Minimum Usage: 10 Minutes per visit
CD ROM Burning

Drop off your Digital memory, and we will burn it to a CD
$10.00 per CD Rom
[ or burn it yourself, just pay for computer access (A or B)]

Text: $0.25 per page
Heavy ink or photos: $1.00 per page
Battery Charging We offer a phone and device babysitting service for $3.00.. Drop off your device while you are shopping, eating, or taking classes and we'll keep an eye on it for you while the battery charges.
Faxing $5 for first page, $1 for each additional page
(Incoming and outgoing)
Pennsic U. Papers

Teachers - upload your materials or drop off at Mystic Mail for easy student access to your documents.

Bulk printing of 100 sheets only 15¢ per page.

Mystic Mail Policies

— We charge in one minute increments, giving you a 2 minute 'tare' to get settled into your session.

— There is a minimum fee of $4 even if you only use the terminal for less than 10 minutes

—The price per minute drops the longer you stay: One 30 minute session ($9) costs less than three 10 minute sessions ($12).

No young children allowed in the tents. If you have toddlers, please make arrangements to have someone care for them while you are using our services, as our staff is normally too busy to watch children.

— Drinks are OK! We even supply bottled water to those using the internet.

— But, please no food in the tent.

— Gaming is OK but please use headphones.


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