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Mystic Mail - Internet Access at Pennsic War

Internet and Media Services
at Pennsic War

We're the only on-site merchant establishment at Cooper's Lake campground to offer high speed internet access and a full range of printing/media services. And we also charge batteries!

Located near the Food Court


Mystic Mail two tents - the first one here is the entrance and photocopy area. The second one behind is The Griffin's Den and is
where you go for Internet access.
Mystic Mail Email Access at Pennsic

We're located in space 188, Rue de Foi Gras, behind the Stave Church. That's near the main food court area. You can see, we're right up the way from Delights of Cathay:

Mystic Mail near the Food Court

Here's the interior of The Griffin's Den tent: you can see there is plenty of room, tables where you can use our laptops, and empty tables to bring your own computer. It's a two story tent, so the main area is general cooler that the outdoors, but in addition, we also have FANS and bottled water to keep you cool while you are working. (yes, one of our users commented they checked their mail just to stay cool for a few minutes every day!)
Mystic Mail interior

Ailís & Michele greeting customers at our front desk
Mystic Mail near the Food Court


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