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Viewpoints from Mt. Eislinn

Written by: Baroness Charmaine of Falkensee (Sally C. Fink)
Submitted: 19-March-2002

After 16 years on the Serengeti, my group was relocated to Mt. Eislinn for Pennsic 30. At first we were rather grumbly about it (the walk up the hill, mostly), but we took a look up there during War Practice 2001, and all we could say was "wow." And once we actually camped there for Pennsic, we all agreed that Mt. Eislinn was the BEST camping site and possibly the BEST Pennsic we had ever had.

Lordy, way up there on top of the hill? Why? you ask.

Actually there were many advantages to being camped on Mt. Eislinn.

First, the hill did not prove to be a problem. I would drive up in my own car, drop stuff off, drive back down, park in the free or paid parking nearby, and take the hay wagon back up. I probably only walked up the hill twice during the 10 days I was there.

Second, the view was SPECTACULAR! Pennsic was laid out before us and we could see all the way to Lake Moraine. To watch battles, all we had to do was walk into our “front yard” (the area above the XXX numerals in the grass). With binoculars we could even pick out the fencers on the field. I probably watched more battles at Pennsic 30 than in all my previous years put together.

Three, it was COOL! There was nearly always a breeze on Mt. Eislinn, even on the hottest days. And, as we were camped near the tree line, by afternoon we actually had shade.

Four, the water was better. The Coopers sank a new well for the hilltop and the water didn't get all yukky and brown. (We still didn't drink it though.)

And finally, no, it wasn't lonely. We thought we might miss out on the social interaction we'd enjoyed on the Serengeti, but that wasn't the case. Because we were the first camp on the top of the hill by the trees, we saw everyone who came up the hill. We had lots of visitors!

We LOVED Mt. Eislinn and were very put out that there isn’t camping space there for Pennsic 31.



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